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Article: Why Booby Tape?

Why Booby Tape?

Why Booby Tape?

Have you ever found the cutest outfit but couldn’t find a bra that worked? Have you bought a product that claimed to give you a breast lift but found there was no support? Booby Tape is the answer!

Booby Tape is the world’s FIRST breast lift tape, born in Melbourne, Australia!

1. Available in 4 colours – Nude, Black, Brown and White

2. Waterproof (so you can dance all night), latex free and is hypoallergenic

3. Painless to remove

4. Can be cut to any length

5. Lifts any bust size

Follow us on Instagram (@boobytape) to see epic before and afters on our Booby Tape babes.

Until next time… 

Booby Tape x

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