Booby Tape

Silicone Booby Tape Inserts (A-C)


Silicone Booby Tape Inserts (A-C)

A little more lift for a lot more WOW! Our Silicone Booby Tape Inserts will give you the perfect lift and better cleavage. 2 sizes available (A-C cup and D-F cup).

Our Silicone Booby Tape Inserts are 100% silicone.

Our Silicone Booby Tape Inserts are 100% silicone.
We will dispatch your order from our multi-location distribution center around the world based on which country you are located in.

Please see following estimated shipping lead time based on shipping zone.

AUSTRALIA: Shipping from Australia warehouse via Australia Post E-parcel: 2-5 Business Days

UNITED STATES: Shipping from USA warehouse via USPS or Fedex: 2-5 Business Days

CANADA: Shipping from USA warehouse via Fedex International: 2-5 Business Days

REST OF WORLD: 10-15 Business Days based on how far you are from our closest distribution center.

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