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Artikel: Booby Tape Skin - The World's First Skincare Line For Breasts

Booby Tape Skin - The World's First Skincare Line For Breasts

Booby Tape Skin - The World's First Skincare Line For Breasts

Booby Tape is here to help you look and feel your absolute best in your breast area.

As self-described busty women, Bianca Roccisano and her sister Bridgett were pros at plastering masking and duct tapes on their breasts and chests á la Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Chrissy Teigen. To give their cleavage an invisible lift sans push-up bra, a hefty adhesive picked up from the hardware store seemed like the only option.

Over the years, though, the siblings became fed up with the nasty reactions their skin had when they ripped off the strips. And after they couldn't find any breast-specific tapes on Google that would get the job done, the Aussie entrepreneurs founded Booby Tape — a breast care company offering boob lifting tapes, silicone inserts, and nipple covers — in 2019. “Women have been taping their breasts for many years — it was sort of a celebrity hack,” says Roccisano. “But we actually were the first people to invent a tape just for the breasts, and it's become a global phenomenon honestly.”

In the first year of business, the company sold 300,000 rolls of tape — so many that this rapid rise to fame temporarily sidelined the duo’s plans for Booby Tape to become a larger one-stop shop for all things related to breast care and health, explains Roccisano. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic knocked all social events and late-night outings (aka all the situations you might apply breast tape) off the calendar. Suddenly, the founders had the bandwidth to go forth and develop a groundbreaking breast skin-care product line.

“The breast and décolletage area has long been neglected by women,” says Roccisano. “Bridgett and I have always been taking care of our necks and décolletage, but we also found that we didn't have anything that was specifically designed for the breast area. So once again, there was just a lack in the market that we thought we could fill.”

In February, Booby Tape Skin officially launched with six organic, vegan, watermelon-scented products created with the help of skin-care experts. Of course, you can go ahead and use body products — or even facial skin-care products — on your breasts and décolletage, but the pair wanted to create ones that would specifically address chest skin issues. “We’ve come up with a remedy to every problem we felt like women were going through,” explains Roccisano.

One of the main issues? Lack of firmness. ICYDK, breast skin starts to lose elasticity in your mid-20s, but Booby Tape’s Firming Lotion (Buy It, $23, boobytape.com) uses a combo of gotu kola extract (which boosts collagen synthesis), artichoke extract (which increases elasticity), and other smoothing, soothing ingredients to strengthen the skin — and even ease the appearance of stretch marks, says Roccisano.  

To combat chest and breast acne, Booby Tape developed its bubblegum-hued Pink Clay Breast Mask (Buy It, $38, boobytape.com), which taps kaolin clay to absorb excess oil, and Miracle Breast Scrub (Buy It, $23, boobytape.com), which employs pink Himalayan salt to buff away dead skin cells and make your bust feel baby soft after a single use. To erase chest scars and fine lines, the sisters developed the Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Chest Pad (Buy It, $29, boobytape.com), a reusable overnight treatment featuring medical-grade silicone. This ingredient reduces the appearance and texture of scars, according to research, and is known to help lock in moisture, which makes skin better able to repair itself and produce collagen, Hadley King, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist, previously told Shape.

Of course, a company named Booby Tape with a flirty, busty logo almost needsto have a quirky (and photo-friendly) item in its lineup. And that title goes to the hydrolyzed collagen-infused 24k Gold Masks (Buy It, $25, revolve.com), single-use sheet masks that make your breasts look like trophies during use *and* leave the skin tight and glowing afterward. “It’s something fun, cute, and Instagrammable, so there’s a little bit of marketing in there, “says Roccisano. “But at the end of the day, it’s good for your boobs.” 

Booby Tape’s skincare products even have the potential to be good for your boobs’ overall health — not just their appearance and texture. While rubbing in a dollop of lotion or wiping off the clay mask, Roccisano encourages customers to turn the self-care practice into a breast health exam too, taking the time to check for any suspicious lumps and bumps. “It’s an opportunity to know your boobs, make sure that they’re healthy and normal, and look out for any changes,” she explains.

And to the cynics who aren’t sure if slathering a Lip Smackers-scented skin-care mask all over their melons is truly worthwhile, Roccisano has just one question to ask: “Why is your décolletage any different than your face? You get acne on your face, women get acne on their chest, as well. You need to look after it and care for it."

Written by Megan Falk, shape.com

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