What is Booby Tape Skin?

Booby Tape Skin is the world's first skincare line for breasts!

For decades, women have been dedicated to face masks and moisturisers and any type of skincare to enhance skin health. We feel that breast health has been neglected and want to increase everyone’s understanding of the gentle care needed for the sensitive skin on the breast. Ultimately, we want to make breast care a part of every woman’s beauty regime!


Can I use Booby Tape Skin products over my whole body?

Yes! We specifically designed the formula for the most delicate part of your body, your boobies, making it friendly for your entire body!


Where is Booby Tape Skin made? 

Australia baby!


Does Booby Tape Skin test on animals?

No way! We love our little fur babies!


Are Booby Tape Skin products vegan and natural?

Yes and yes! No nasties here!


What do Booby Tape Skin products smell like?

If we had to describe the scent, they have a fruity infused scent! It's incredibly fresh!


Is Booby Tape Skin safe to use during pregnancy?

All of our products are vegan and organic which is safe to use during pregnancy. However when it comes to pregnant mummas, we always recommend seeking medical advice before using any product.


How long will the Firming Breast Lotion take to see results?

It is advised that after 56 days you will see results from continuously using our Firming Breast Lotion!*


Is the Miracle Pink Breast Scrub good for acne?

Yes! Our Miracle Pink Breast Scrub is made with Himalayan salt crystals, which contains minerals small enough for our body and skin to absorb, providing amazing therapeutic benefits to the skin.

The chromium content can assist with acne and the zinc content aids in scarring and healing by regulating the activity of the oil glands.


Is Booby Tape Skin suitable for sensitive skin types?

Booby Tape Skin is designed for all skin types. However if you do suffer from sensitive skin, we recommend doing a small patch test before applying to the breast area or body.


How long do Booby Tape Skin products last for?

6 months after opening. Please store your products in a cool place.


Any further questions?

Email us at customercare@boobytape.com


*Individual results may vary